Get Involved – Volunteer

As well as a number of organisational-support tasks for volunteers, our caseworkers are all volunteers too.

Volunteers are the lifeblood of what we do. By giving up your precious time for The Paperweight Trust, you become a vital conduit between those who need help and those who can give help.

We are a tightly structured organisation with scores of volunteer caseworkers who provide immediate practical help and guidance for those who find themselves alone. You become involved at a time in people’s lives when they are extremely vulnerable and you are enabling people who would otherwise be floundering.

The Paperweight Trust is fortunate to have a wonderful team of trained volunteers who help to improve the lives of our clients. They are able to provide practical support, help regain confidence, reduce anxiety and the feeling of isolation. They understand the issues that are important to our clients.

All volunteers are interviewed and are required to be cleared by the Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS).

We offer you training, mentoring and supervision so we can serve the entire spectrum of the Jewish community throughout all London Boroughs north of the Thames with satellite divisions in Hertfordshire, Essex, across South London and Manchester.

What do we look for in our volunteers?

We look for empathy, patience, sensitivity, a happy disposition and an ability to advocate for those less able.


To volunteer for us or to find out more please contact us.