Barnet COVID-19 parking arrangements

Barnet COVID-19 parking arrangements

Latest update: 23 March 2020

Please check this page regularly for updates on temporary parking measures in Barnet during the COVID-19 outbreak.

Where you can park with or without a permit

  • Permit Holder Bays (resident and business)
  • Shared use Bays
  • Single Yellow Lines in force just for one hour at a time

Where you can park with the usual payment

  • Pay and Display bays near shops
  • Car parks

 Where you cannot park

  •  Single yellow lines operating for longer than an hour at a time
  • Double yellow lines
  • Loading bays
  • Disabled Badge Holder bays
  • Suspended parking bays (we may have to suspend parking for emergency or health care worker use)
  • Dedicated disabled bays
  • In front of fire stations, ambulance stations, hospital entrances
  • Anywhere that would obstruct pedestrians or other vehicles – being mindful that waste removal vehicles need more space than a car does

 Health workers and other key workers

Where you can park if you are a healthcare worker or other essential public servant (you have been given ‘key worker’ status as defined by HM Government), in addition to the above provisions:

  • If no permit spaces are available then a pay and display space, loading bay or single yellow line where not obstructing traffic or impeding safety with a note (handwritten, ideally on headed paper, will do) of your role
  • Any council car park – again, please place a note