Challenging the boundaries of paper

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PaperWEIGHT was formed in 1995 in response to an increasing need to have a UK based group that focuses on paper as an art form.

One of its overall aims is:

"To bring together people with an interest in paper from the artistic, sheet-forming, conservation and sustainable resource point of view."

It was also established to provide a network of communication between 'paper people' wishing to exchange ideas and experiences and to offer exhibition opportunities.

PaperWEIGHT's members come from diverse backgrounds - the range of disciplines include traditional paper makers; 3-D artists using papier-mache or origami plus associated members of bookbinding and calligraphy. Many members have experience of running community art projects and workshops for all ages and abilities.

Today, paper is the most disposable item in the modern world yet its creative applications are still being developed and explored. PaperWEIGHT is a group of artists who are challenging the boundaries of working with paper.

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